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The core identity of a company is found in its 'brand' or 'corporate image'. Most identity design is represented among and within the visual devices used that are usually assembled within a set of brand standards, processes, and guidelines.

Branding goes beyond the logo design on the front door or business letterhead. That’s only a small aspect of what it means behind branding. Branding is how the general public views, perceives, and mulls over your company. It’s more than a visual attribute, it’s how an audience correlates with your company on a variety of levels and through different brand touch points.


A brand can be described as a company, service or product that has a identity of it’s own. A brand starts with a company's basics and expands upward and outward creating a life of it's own. A good designer can help further a company's brand but the fundamentals come from within the company alone.


What are some of the core values? What does the company stand for? What is unique about their product? What selling point makes them distinct? Questions like this form the brand basis and should first be established within the company. 

Duluth Trading has brand standards and guidelines unique to their identity. While at Duluth, I had the opportunity to work with a fine group of creatives who collectively pooled together to keep the Duluth brand identity consistent and alive in each layout spread, flyer, banner, billboard, and advertisement. We were a collective whole that banned together to keep the Duluth brand moving forward and traditional in design. 

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